Dear wonderful ladies;

Thank-you once again for the great care that you provided for mom. All the big and little thoughtful things that you all did for our mom were appreciated.


Bryan and Lynne



Thank-you for the excellent care of mom (and dad at his time) We always felt so relieved that we were able to leave mom with you all. I will never forget how at peace she looked when we arrived that Monday morning. She looked wonderful. Lipstick on and a flower in her hand. Thank-you! It made it so much easier to let her go. We miss her, but she missed dad so much. Thank-you for the flowers. We have so much appreciation for you all.

Russ & Deanna, George & Sharon, Judy & Denise and the rest of our family.


To the staff at Harmony Care Homes;

Thank-you to you and the girls for all of the great things you have done for mom and us. We really appreciate it. I wholeheartedly believe the reason mom lived as long as she did was because of you ladies. You really did a great job looking after mom and dad. We really miss you girls. You were all so pleasant to be around and when we needed consoling you were there for us. You have a really good crew and we wish you all the best in the future.




I would like to commend you and your staff for the diligent, professional care and comfort provided during my wife's stay. For this, I will remain truly thankful.



The staff at Harmony are very responsive to my needs. I am very comfortable here and enjoy that the staff has a sense of humor. It keeps the atmosphere light and fun. I appreciate that my suggestions are heard. I have requested meals and desserts to be added to the menu, along with other residents, and they are immediately added to the rotation. It's nice to experience my family recipes once again.



Harmony Care Staff;

We chose Harmony Care Homes for our Mother because it was a small, homey and safe. The worker to client ratio was the best we could find. The staff turnover has been very low. Happy employees make happy workers. The care our mother receives has been wonderful. Our mother says they treat her very well. We sleep well knowing our mother is well looked after.


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